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Winnipeg Photo Club: Lighting Workshop LW3-1
(Lighting workshop series 3, #1)

This is to be the first in a series of monthly or bimestrial WPC workshops for 2009 all about lighting, using both studio lights, speedlights and natural light.

-Date: Saturday April 11th, 2009
-Time: 1m-5pm
-Location: Level 3 Studios - 3rd Floor, 290 McDermot

-This is our first event EVER where a donation is required to attend. The reason for the expense for this workshop is that there is a large cost for the models.
-Donations are to be $20 (attendee) to attend or $30 (shooter) if you want to photograph the models for use in your portfolio. *Only shooters will be allowed to bring cameras and/or take photos.
-This workshop will have a limit of 36 shooters and aprox another 24 attendees. You will need to sign up to attend. (Please see below for details)
-The first half of the course (2h aprox) is going to be instructional and the second half of the course (2h aprox) is going to be spent photographing the models.

The models for this workshop are all professional models from Swish Models Winnipeg:

Kelli Polina Jenny

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What you will learn:
-What equipment you will need for different setups
-Which brandsand models to buy and which to stay away from
-How studio lights work and how to set them up for portraiture
-How to use a light meter
-How to use natural light for portraiture
-How to use different lenses and modifiers for portraiture
-Which exposure settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO) to use for specific types of portraiture
-Standard studio lighting setups
-Lighting techniques with modifiers
-Model release forms: the Do's and Don'ts*
-How to pose models*
-How to digitally process your portraits*

This first workshop is meant for: All skill levels (Beginners & Intermediate)
-People who want to learn how to use both studio lights and natural light for portraiture
-People thinking about starting a studio at home or professionally
-People just starting with studio lighting and people who want to learn more concise methods of setting up their lights
-It will also include tips and tricks for photographers of all skill levels

How to sign up:
Please send an e-mail to Dan with the subject "WPC LW S3-1: attendee/shooter**"

*These subjects will be covered only if there is time, if not, they will be shown at the LW3-2 or LW3-3
**In the subject please choose only one of: attendee or shooter to indicate your attendance type.
***Only when your donation is received will you be guaranteed a spot
****Donations are non-refundable******
*****Incomplete or incorrectly filled out request forms may be ineligible
******We reserve the right to downgrade any shooter to an attendee. In this case the extra amount of your donation will be refunded.
*******Workshop content subject to change
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